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Episode 58 Robin of NETimeGambling talking MGM Springfield Part 1
September 14, 2018 Michael Mason Trager
Welcome back to another new episode of ZorkCast. Today on the show we are joined by special guest, Robin T. Aubin. Robin is the founder of NETime Gambling, a non-monetized blog created for Robin’s interest in gambling, the casino business, and his love for New England. Robin has been involved in music all his life, but twenty years ago casino gambling became a side interest and fascination; so NETime Gambling was born, with the goal of providing a service and resource for anyone visiting New England’s expanding casino market. Inside today’s episode, we discuss a little bit about the new and exciting casinos, specifically, MGM Springfield that just opened in New England. Robin also shares his initial thoughts on the new MGM Springfield casino, the architecture and historical pieces, as well as some challenges that he foresees the casino having. So for all this and more, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Robin’s initial impressions of the MGM Springfield opening.

• More about the architecture and location of the MGM Springfield casino.

• Size comparison of MGM Springfield to other well-known casinos.

• The limiting factors of space on MGM Springfield casino floor.

• Why MGM Springfield’s target demographic is unclear.

• Resources available for New England casinos from Robin.

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