ZorkCast - Las Vegas, Casino Experience and Luxury Travel

Episode 94 Nine Minutes on Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

July 11, 2020 Michael Mason Trager and Steve White
ZorkCast - Las Vegas, Casino Experience and Luxury Travel
Episode 94 Nine Minutes on Mandalay Bay Las Vegas
Show Notes

Nine minutes is just about the amount of time needed to review anything…or so Steve (@LasVegasUK) seems to think. On this episode of ZorkCast Steve introduces a new concept, known as “Nine minutes on…” whereby Michael and Steve spend strictly nine minutes discussing something related to Las Vegas and/or travel. They aren’t allowed to go any further, as Michael has a special buzzer that goes off once the strict nine-minute time limit is up.

The first-ever “Nine Minutes On” episode features Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Michael and Steve discuss what the hotel rooms are like, how the casino is, and where are the best spots to eat, all in strictly 9 minutes. Michael shares some stories of his own along the way, whilst Steve shifts the focus to include Mandalay Bay’s two other hotel concepts – The Delano and the Four Seasons. The discussion moves onto one of the most attractive elements of Mandalay Bay, the pool area and the fantastic wave pool. We also consider the location of the resort, whilst a negative for some Michael highlights how it is excellent for #AVGeeks due to the resort overlooking the airport. Before Michael and Steve know it, the buzzer is going off, and they have to end their discussion.

Are you thinking of staying at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino? Or even just considering dropping in for a bite to eat, or to play in the casino? Our nine-minute snapshot into the resort is the perfect way to make your decision ahead of any Las Vegas trip.

Introducing the new co-host for ZorkCast Steve - LasVegasUK
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