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Episode 100 Celebrating our 100th with The Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel

October 03, 2020 Michael Mason Trager and Steve White
ZorkCast - Vegas Podcast + Casino Experience, Gambling and Luxury Travel
Episode 100 Celebrating our 100th with The Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel
Show Notes

Not only is this the one-hundredth episode of ZorkCast, but we have Jonathan Jossel, the CEO of the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, joining us. Born in South Africa and raised in the United Kingdom, Jonathan moved to Las Vegas in 2007 to work for Tamares Real Estate, which owns Downtown Las Vegas properties. 

Jossel was named the CEO of the Plaza in 2014. In today’s episode, we discuss the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, the recent updates at the Plaza, and Jonathan’s attitude towards caring for guests and creating that old Vegas experience. 

Jonathan also shares a bit about the Plaza’s loyalty program, the addition of single zero roulette, and the Plaza’s approach to COVID safety precautions, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jonathan kicks things off by sharing a bit about the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas.
  • Some of the renovations and upgrades at the Plaza.
  • That essence of old Vegas is still highly sought after, and Jonathan says it’s in a familiar touch, rather than the neon lights.
  • It’s about taking care of guests in an individual manner and understanding what they enjoy.
  • To Jonathan, it’s not just a small business, it’s like a small family, more lifestyle than a job.
  • The Player’s Club system is designed to take care of everybody based on their level of play.
  • Casino loyalty – prioritize the relationships, and then stay competitive with promotional offers.
  • Loyalty program changes at the Plaza, like the name, from Royal Rewards to Plaza Rewards.
  • The genesis of adding low limit single zero roulette was a way to stand out and provide value.
  • The Plaza is even looking at doing a roulette tournament because of how many people the single zero roulette has drawn to the casino.
  • Jonathan’s opinion of maximum bets – the Plaza raises the limits for people they know.
  • The Plaza turns 50 next year, and Jonathan has some unique things planned.
  • The Plaza is very strict with COVID safety, but Jonathan says, do what is comfortable for you.
  • The Vegas experience is still alive and well, but it will be a while before it’s in full swing.

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