ZorkCast - Vegas Podcast + Casino Experience, Gambling and Luxury Travel

Season 5 - Episode 111 Jeff Does Vegas on ZorkCast

February 19, 2021 Michael Mason Trager and Steve White
ZorkCast - Vegas Podcast + Casino Experience, Gambling and Luxury Travel
Season 5 - Episode 111 Jeff Does Vegas on ZorkCast
Show Notes

Today we welcome fellow podcast extraordinaire Jeff Walker onto the show to talk Vegas with our co-hosts, Michael and Steve. As the mind and voice behind Jeff Does Vegas, he reports on a range of topics while sharing his advice on how you can get the most out of your trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World.

We open our show by chatting about Canada’s casino scene and how it’s been affected by pandemic lockdowns. Michael opens up about his recent time in Harrah’s Southern California before touching on the confusion surrounding American and UK COVID policies.

We then dive into Jeff’s love affair with Vegas and how it led to the birth of his podcast. While many go to Vegas to gamble, Jeff talks about its many other attractions, including its restaurants, atmosphere, and shows. After sharing their difficult experiences getting into blackjack, we hear about Jeff’s views on loyalty and rewards programs.

We discuss why the quality of stay in properties can vary depending on when you go, and Jeff highlights why he appreciates all of his Vegas visits. Later, listeners will benefit from hearing Jeff’s top Vegas tips and insight into the restaurants to eat at and which shows to go to. Tune in to hear our delightful conversation with Jeff Does Vegas, even if it is punctuated by the odd inappropriate joke.

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