ZorkCast - Las Vegas, Casino Experience and Luxury Travel

Season 5 - Episode 112 I Earned That Casino Comp

March 03, 2021 Michael Mason Trager and Steve White
ZorkCast - Las Vegas, Casino Experience and Luxury Travel
Season 5 - Episode 112 I Earned That Casino Comp
Show Notes

There are many ways that you can earn a comp, but they all come with a set of expectations from the casino property that made the offer. Today we unpack these expectations and show you how to best deal with casino marketing offerings. But first, we share exciting news about changes that we’re making to the podcast. We then explore how people feel about earning casino offers.

As co-host Steve White explains, comps can inspire a sense of guilt that you should play at the same high-level that earned you that comp. Linked to this, we discuss why you should never feel guilty about how you use your comp. After chatting about how you should best approach your offer, we dive into why you should never be married to one casino.

Later, we pull out the history books and talk about Donald Trump’s dealings in the Atlantic City casino scene. You’ll hear fascinating stories that touch on a legendary ‘Japanese whale,’ as well the new trend of boastful Instagram high-rollers. Tune in for the intriguing details, as well as for insights on dealing with casino offers.

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