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Season 5 - Episode 114 Can Las Vegas still be considered a value destination?

April 16, 2021 Michael Mason Trager and Steve White
ZorkCast - Vegas Podcast + Casino Experience, Gambling and Luxury Travel
Season 5 - Episode 114 Can Las Vegas still be considered a value destination?
Show Notes

What does value mean to you? Value is subjective, and therefore, something that holds value for one person will not necessarily hold value for another. That is the focus of today’s episode, in relation, of course, to Las Vegas. Steve and Michael share what value means to them in terms of accommodation, drinks, and food in Vegas, and Steve poses a question that will make you think about where your values lie.

Michael and Steve shed light on what things were like in Las Vegas many years ago, compared to what they are like now, including the amount of choice that is now available. And if you’ve ever wondered about how to get the most out of the drinks vouchers offered in Vegas casinos, you have come to the right place! The Casinos in History segment focuses on The Rio Las Vegas, which, as you will hear, was the destination where many Vegas “firsts” occurred. Finally, Steve and Michael wrap up with their thoughts about whether Vegas is booming and why.
Key Points From This Episode:
• A rundown of what you can expect in this episode.
• Michael’s recent experience flying from Boston to Palm Springs.
•  Value means something different for everyone; Steve gives examples of what it means to him.
•  Buffet options that are available today in Vegas.
•  Merging that Steve has noticed between the high-end and low-end value aspects of the spectrum in Vegas.
•  A question posed by Steve that will get you thinking about what you value.
•  Why COVID catalyzed renovations in Luxor’s pyramid.
•  How the idea of drinks voucher combinations works and how Steve uses these to get the most value out of them.
•  Choice as value in and of itself.
•  The many “firsts” that are attributed to the Rio Las Vegas.
•  Potential that Steve sees in the Rio, and plans that are soon going to be underway. 
•  Some interesting information about the exceptional wine cellar at the Rio.
•  Michael and Steve share their thoughts about travel and the near future of Vegas.

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